21 May 2010


For both personal and public reference, here are some things I'd like to have written by the end of 2010.

- La Lutte Finale — a comprehensive anti-fascist program taking into account the lessons of the past year of EDL work and a critical assessment of the anti-far-right campaign's successes and failures. Important parts already drafted.

- The Engine of Complexity — an attempt at environmentalist economics on a generalized Marxist basis, extending from thermodynamic principles

- The great big NUS post The Great Big How To Fix NUS post

- Anti-Science — Creationism, homeopathy, antivax and other anti-scientific currents and their relevance to the workers' movement

- Transitional patent, trademark, & privacy law

- Legalize Nob Hunting

- Theory of Left Sectarianism

- Polemics, party culture, and left discussions

- Do we steal votes from the Greens?

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